Mini Grant and Presentation Grant Guidelines


Mini Grant and Presentation Grant proposals do not require the formal application used for Research Grant proposals. A simple letter of application is sufficient. However, applicants are urged to review these Research Grant application guidelines for the types of information generally supplied. The LAUC R&PD Committee does require the following information in order to evaluate applications for Mini Grants and Presentation Grants:

  • Summary and current status of the research project/activity (mini grant) or abstract of the presentation activity (presentation grant).

  • For presentation grants, please include the following:

    • Type of presentation (such as research paper, conference session, lightning round, panel, poster, etc.)

    • Role (presenter, co-presenter, panelist, etc.)

    • Name, location, and date of conference or event

    • Evidence of proposal acceptance (e.g. email notification or conference program)

Note: In rare cases, conferences may be late in providing acceptance letters to applicants.  The Committee may accept, at its sole discretion, applications without an acceptance letter.  Funding will be contingent upon receiving evidence of acceptance before the end of the fiscal year.

  • For mini grants, please include a description of and timetable for the activities to be funded.

  • If release time is required, please provide a simple signed memo or copy of an e-mail from your supervisor. Release time includes time away from camp;us to attend a conference.

  • Summary of the budget.

  • Indicate whether the applicant is a represented or non-represented librarian.

  • Include the name, phone number, and email of your local campus fund manager, the business officer who will manage the fund transfer from UCOP.

Funding Period

Presentation Grant budgets must be based on the LAUC budget year of July 1-June 30. In other words, your funds must be spent in the same fiscal year as your application. The expenses may be incurred either before or after the application.

Funds awarded to Mini Grants may be spent in the year of the award or the following fiscal year with no need to request any extension of the funding.