Task Force on Academic Status

The Task Force on Academic Status is an ad hoc committee appointed by the President. The Task Force is charged with investigating and reporting its findings on the principles and policies that support and embody academic status for UC librarians.

Committee Background and Significance

The 2021-2022 LAUC Executive Board explored librarians’ experiences with Principal Investigator (PI) status at the ten campuses. The Research & Professional Development Committee (R&PD) created and administered a survey of LAUC members to understand how librarian PI status was being handled across the UCs. The survey revealed that many LAUC members are concerned about, and dissatisfied with, the current system. The 2021-2022 Executive Board decided during its June 2022 meeting that it would appoint a task force to further investigate this issue and make recommendations to ensure a vibrant academic environment for UC librarians. The Board later decided to name the task force “Task Force on Academic Status” in order to allow the group to expand to additional focus areas over time. As of the date of the charge (below), the task force’s primary area of focus is PI Status. 


Pursue a change in the UC Contracts and Grants Manual Chapter 1-500 so that librarians are listed as a job classification that is automatically eligible for PI status (i.e., Librarians will not be required to seek an exception to the eligibility requirement for PI status).

Specific Charges for AY 22-23

  • Ascertain how changes can be made to the UC Contracts and Grants Manual.

  • Investigate institutions where librarians hold similar non-tenure-track academic status that we can use as examples for implementing the suggested changes.

  • Develop a timeline to begin implementing the suggested changes.


The Task Force will need to submit a final report to the President by September 30, 2023. The President for the 23-24 AY will have the option of reappointing the Task Force at the next Transition meeting.


Ann Glusker, Berkeley

Crystal Goldman, San Diego (Chair)

Ruth Gustafson, Davis

Haiqing Lin, Berkeley

Elizabeth McAulay, Los Angeles

Diane Mizrachi, Los Angeles

Robert Rosas, Irvine

Rachel Starry, Riverside