LAUC has an Executive Board and three standing committees, each with representatives from all ten campus divisions.

The LAUC President acts as an ex officio member of the Academic Senate University Committee on the Library (UCOL), and a representative from LAUC serves on the Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee (SLASIAC). 

LAUC is represented on the Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG) on committees for public and technical services, collection development, personnel, and regional libraries.

The Executive Board includes elected officers (president, vice-president/president-elect, secretary, immediate past president, chairs of the ten campus divisions, parliamentarian, chairs of the standing committees, representatives to statewide committees, and the web manager. 

The Committee on Diversity advises the Executive Board and University Librarians on issues pertaining to mentoring and professional growth to help recruit, develop and and retain a diversified group of librarians.

The Committee on Professional Governance advises the President and Executive Board on issues related to peer review, LAUC Bylaws, and other issues at the request of the President.

The purpose of the Statewide LAUC Journal Task Force is to propose recommendations to create a LAUC Journal or other Open Access options for LAUC members to disseminate their scholarly and creative work.

The purpose of the Statewide LAUC Archives Task Force is to review current policies and practices and propose recommendations that would improve upon the current state.

The purpose of the Statewide LAUC Web Content Committee (WCC) is to promote engagement with and raise awareness of the LAUC website by developing policies and procedures for keeping the website content dynamic and up to date. Content must be of interest to LAUC members and relevant to the functioning of LAUC as an organization.