Position Paper No. 2

Development of Effective Communication between Statewide LAUC and Library Council

Effective communication between statewide LAUC and Library Council is essential, and should be developed through a variety of channels. The President of LAUC should be appointed as an ex officio member of Library Council with full voting privileges, and provision should be made for inclusion of LAUC representatives on Library Council committees. In addition, regular sharing with Library Council of recommendations and findings of statewide LAUC committees is seen as offering a useful means of communication. Moreover, Library Council should be able on occasion to refer problems to LAUC with a request for recommendation. It should also be possible for a matter of concern to a local division of LAUC which may have statewide significance to be brought to the attention of Library Council by that campus's University Librarian, if that local division can convince him/her that the problem is of sufficient importance to be introduced as a Council agenda item. It is believed that by the utilization of all of the above approaches LAUC will have the best opportunity to advise the library administration at the Universitywide level on matters of concern to librarians relating to the operation of the libraries of the University of California.

The following implementing recommendations are endorsed:

I. LAUC Representation on Library Council

A. The LAUC President should be appointed to serve as an ex officio member of Library Council with full voting privileges. The President of LAUC should be expected to regard Library Council membership as a most serious personal obligation, faithfully attending Council meetings and devoting attention to Council business. In the event of an emergency which makes it impossible for the President to carry out his/her regular Council duties, permission should be requested from the Chairman of Library Council for the LAUC Vice-President/President- Elect to act temporarily in the President's stead.

B. The President of LAUC should be able to introduce agenda items for Council meetings when either of the following guidelines governing his/her actions in this area are met:

1. Agenda item is approved by a majority vote of the LAUC Assembly. (Such agenda items may originate with the Assembly, or be referred to the Assembly by any member of LAUC.)

2. Agenda item receives affirmative review by the statewide LAUC Executive Board. (Such agenda items may originate with the Executive Board, or be brought to the attention of the Board by the chairman of a local division with the approval of his/her Executive Committee.)

II. LAUC Representation On Library Council Committees

A. The LAUC President should have the privilege of recommending one or more LAUC representatives to each Library Council committee which is of particular interest to LAUC. Decision as to the final composition of any Library Council committee remains the prerogative of the Chairman of Library Council. The LAUC representative (or representatives) to a Library Council Committee shall, however, be a nominee (or nominees) of the LAUC President.

B. The process for selection of LAUC representatives to Library Council Committees should be as follows:

1. Chairmen of local divisions will, with the approval of their respective Executive Committees, supply nominations to the statewide LAUC Committee on Committees, Rules, and Jurisdiction, which will maintain a roster of nominees for each committee of Library Council. The nominees, whenever possible, ought to have experience or expertise relevant to their projected assignments, e.g. service on campus, LAUC or library committees that have worked on similar problems. Service on similar workgroups, however, should only be used as a guideline, since other experience or simply expertise could qualify a librarian for nomination, as could a strong interest in the area of concern.
2. Rosters of nominees will be renewed annually at the time that new LAUC officers take office.
3. As the need arises to draw up a roster for a new Library Council committee, the Chairman of the Committee on Committees, Rules, and Jurisdiction will request nominations from chairmen of local divisions.
4. The LAUC President will select potential LAUC representatives from the appropriate roster, submitting choices to the Executive Board for review. With the approval of the Board, the LAUC President may present recommendations to the Chairman of Library Council.

C. LAUC representatives should be expected to continue to serve on a Library Council committee for the duration of the committee's term, unless special circumstances require the representative to request release and replacement.

III. LAUC Committees and Library Council

A. Reports of statewide LAUC's standing and ad hoc committees should be routinely shared with Library Council to facilitate problem solving and communication.

B. Library Council, in lieu of creating a committee of its own, may wish to utilize an existing or specially created statewide LAUC committee to explore questions of mutual concern for recommendations and possible solutions. Resulting reports of either existing or special LAUC committees would be available to the membership of LAUC as well as to Library Council.


December 30, 1975

Since the attached position paper was accepted, in 1975, most of its recommendations have been effected. LAUC now has two voting members of Library council, the President and the Past-President. A LAUC member is appointed to all Library Council Committees and a LAUC member serves on the operating committees of each of the regional facilities and each of the regional library facility boards.

Procedures for appointment to Library Council Committees and Regional Facilities Operating Committees and Boards are outlined in the LAUC Bylaws.

Susan Starr, LAUC President, April 1989