How to Transfer Records

Digital Files

Digital files will be arranged as transferred, then processed, and be available for use in the Bancroft Reading Room. Files will be minimally processed by Bancroft Library staff; processing will include summarizing the content, extent (size), date range, and file format of files, and adding brief description to the existing finding aid. Digital files will be saved to the UC Berkeley Library preservation server along with other born-digital collections, and backed up regularly. Digital files will be available to researchers who visit the Bancroft Reading Room. Online access to files may be available in some instances. 

Transfer Guidelines:

Individuals, Committee Chairs, Division Chairs, and Board Members:

  • Save and maintain the current electronic records and those of their committee, division, or group during their term of service.
  • Identify files which should be transferred to the LAUC Archives (see What to Collect).
  • Prepare an electronic folder of their archival material and generate a basic directory list ("file list") which provides the filename of each file in the folder.
  • Send their archival folder to the LAUC Secretary or Records Coordinator. The folder should be delivered via Box (preferred method; see the "Transferring Digital Archives to Box" guidelines) or by email (contact the LAUC Records Coordinator before sending files by email).

The LAUC Records Coordinator:

  • maintain the submitted archival folders during his or her two-year term. At the end of the term, the LAUC Records Coordinator will ensure that all submitted archival folders are saved in a designated "Archives" folder in Box.
  • work with the LAUC Secretary and LAUC President to follow the Records Transmittal process to alert the LAUC Archivist that digital and physical files are ready to be transferred.

The LAUC Archivist:

  • collect submitted archival material from the "Archives" folder in Box and ensure material is deposited at The Bancroft Library.
  • ensure that the LAUC website is regularly archived to preserve the website itself and the Document Library it contains.

Analog Files

Contact the University Archivist at Berkeley.