LAUC Website Guidelines

Web pages at are official publications of the Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC). Official LAUC documents and communications, in draft or approved forms, or validated through normal organizational channels, will be published to this site. The site hosts committee pages, documents, and links to other pertinent resources


As official publications, content on LAUC web pages must be accurate, complete, edited for correct spelling and grammar, and up to date.

All LAUC web pages should:

  • Adhere to best practices in web accessibility:
    • Use proper heading structures
    • Use a descriptive title and links
    • Use alt-text for all images
  • Be accessible with widely available browsers
  • Limit graphic elements to a reasonable size and complexity to avoid lengthy download times
  • Indicate affiliation with LAUC
  • Include a link to the LAUC home page or an intermediate page within the website


As the owner of the LAUC website, the LAUC President has the final authority in determining the content and organization of the site overall. The LAUC President, in consultation with the Executive Board when appropriate, will resolve any questions or conflicts about the site.

LAUC officers, committee chairs, and representatives have primary authority for preparing, revising, submitting and overseeing currency of page information, links, and attached content within their areas of responsibility. The LAUC Webmaster(s), reporting to the LAUC President, is responsible for publishing documents to the website, maintaining links, adhering to the guidelines outlined above, and alerting the appropriate individuals about problems related to any LAUC web pages. The Webmaster(s) also oversees the overall design, navigation and functionality of the site, and provides training and oversight to other designated contributors.


The LAUC web site resides on a UCOP server to which only the LAUC Webmaster(s) and designated LAUC Executive Board members may upload files; therefore, all changes for the site must be submitted to the LAUC Webmaster(s) or one of the designates. The LAUC Webmaster(s) may accept changes to web pages and documents only from the person with authority for a given page and will refer requests accordingly. Communication about any web page should include the full URL to eliminate confusion and delays.

All documents should be submitted to the LAUC Webmaster(s) by email. The most common formats include Portable Document Format (PDF), Word documents (.docx), Excel files (.xlsx), and image files (.jpg or .png). For preservation purposes, documents submitted as Word and Excel files will be converted to and published as PDF documents, unless expressly requested to be published in the original format.

If these options are not suitable for a given project, contact the LAUC Webmaster(s) to discuss options.

When submitting a document to the LAUC Webmaster(s), always indicate:

  • From which page the document should be linked
  • What text should be linked (if not a standard report or minutes)
  • If the document supersedes another that should be deleted.

If revising a document already on the LAUC website, contact the LAUC Webmaster(s) to discuss the most efficient approach for revising.


Revisions to this document may be proposed by the LAUC Webmaster(s) or any LAUC member. Changes are approved by the LAUC President in consultation with the Executive Board.

Approved at the 1999 Spring Assembly, May 26, 1999; revisions reviewed and approved by the LAUC Executive Board, July 1, 2021.