What Projects Have and Have Not Been Funded in the Past

Below are some examples of projects that have been funded recently.  See also :


LAUC/UCOP has funded the following types of research or research-related projects (2011/2012 - 2015/2016):

  • Alice Jade Alburo, " Discovering Southeast Asia: An Assessment of Major Southeast Asian Studies Collections in the United States" (2012-13; 2015-16)

  • Allison Benedetti (Co-applicants: Marta Brunner, Jennifer Osorio, Zoe Borovsky), "North Campus Research Community Study: An Assessment of Needs and Practices" (2013-14)

  • William Benemann, "Covering the Waterfront" (2014-15)

  • Randal S. Brandt, "David Dodge: A Bio-Bibliography" (2011-12)

  • Matthew Conner, "The New Library: Seven Trends, Four Case Studies" (2012-13)

  • Su Chen, "Proofreading & indexing services for manuscript" (2014-15)

  • James Eason, "Photographs of NW Boundary Survey" (2014-15)

  • Susan Edwards (Co-applicants: Jim Church, Jennifer Dorner, Hilary Schiraldi), "Collection Analysis for the Social Sciences" (2013-14)

  • Julia Gelfand (Co-applicant: Shu Liu), "Librarians at the University of California: The Impact of Change in Professional Assignments, Real or Imagined" (2014-15)

  • Jon Jablonski, " History of Fairchild Aerial Surveys" (2014-15)

  • Jeffrey Loo, "The value of a doctoral education in academic librarianship: The perceptions of PhD librarians" (2011-12)

  • Lynn Jones, " Analysis of the fitness of Berkeley’s anthropology collections to support doctoral research" (2014-15)

  • Emilee Matthews, "Database-Driven: the Underlying Symmetry of New Media Theory and Libraries" (2013-14)

  • David Michalski, "Constructing Creativity: An Anthropology of the International Center for Studies in Creativity" (2015-16)

  • Liladhar Ramchandra Pendse, "Improving Access to the Late 19th Century and Early 20th Century Periodicals Press of Azerbaijan" (2013-14)

  • Liladhar Ramchandra Pendse, " Tracing the Arab Spring: Bibliographic and historical landscape of Egyptian Cinema Periodicals from Taalat Harb to Tahrir Square" (2015-16)

  • Nina M. Schneider, "Bibliography of the Works of Russell Maret" (2013-14)

  • Adam Siegel, "A Bibliography of Viticultural and enological Publications from the Former Yugoslavia" (2012-13)

  • Susan Xue, "Statistical Sources of the Republic of China (1912-1949): An Annotated Bibliography" (2011-12)

  • Gwido Zlatkes, "Underground Printing in communist Poland, 1076-1990" (2012-13)


According to CA Government Code, state funds cannot be awarded for travel to states determined by the CA Attorney General to have discriminatory laws.  For more information, see https://oag.ca.gov/ab1887.  As of 2017, the states are Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas.

LAUC/UCOP may not fund proposals with planning, preparation, or justification problems, for example, those:

  • which lack focus or are vague or unclear

  • which do not include a literature review

  • which lack clear information on the degree of support from the library and any other relevant institutions, organizations or groups

  • which seem to fall within the applicant’s on-the-job responsibilities

  • which do not fully explain the applicant’s decision-making process regarding the research topic and its various elements, including visits to particular institutions

  • which do not seem to add to the general body of knowledge regarding the subject area(s)

  • which are unclear on the impact a project would have on library services and users, or on the body of existing knowledge or theory described in the proposal, and the project’s relationship to other currently available resources

  • with questionable timelines—too short to complete a project, or so long that the research would be out of date

  • where it is not clear how the results of research will be disseminated

  • which seem to request excessive funds for the project which lack specific information about proposed expenditures

  • which lack supportive information and evidence justifying the need for travel, computer equipment, research assistance at a particular level and for a specific duration, as well as release time at a particular level and for a specific duration


LAUC/UCOP has not/will not fund the following:

  • Proposals which are missing any necessary approvals

  • Proposals for individual or multi-campus projects which are not substantially research in nature

  • Proposals for digitizing that do not make a compelling case that the digitization process itself is the subject of the research

  • Proposals for preservation and/or microfilming that do not make a compelling case that the process of preservation/microfilming itself is the subject of the research

  • Data entry projects

  • Proposals to do the day-to-day work of a library unit, section, department, or individual

  • Proposals for planning meetings among individuals involved in projects, especially if they already have established venues for meeting times and places

  • Funds to pursue a degree

  • Lab work, unless it supports an underlying research project

  • Honoraria, unless they contribute to the research aspects of a project

  • Consultants or researchers outside the Librarian series

  • One or more of the grant applicants is currently a member of the LAUC Statewide R&PD Committee