Research Grant Evaluation Checklist

(for applicants and reviewers)

The LAUC Research and Professional Development Committee will review your proposal with the following categories and questions in mind. While not every question will apply in each case, applicants are encouraged to construct their proposal to address all that are relevant.

Part 1: Title and Cover Sheet

  • Does the abstract include a summary of each section of the Proposal (except the budget)?

  • Have all the necessary approvals/signatures been obtained?

Part 2: Need for the Research Proposed

  • Is the proposal for a project that will add to the total body of knowledge, increase understanding, or improve services in librarianship, information science, or other academic disciplines?

  • Why is the project needed?

  • What long-term intellectual and/or economic benefits can be derived from it?

  • How does the project relate to research that has already been done in the area?

  • What will it accomplish?

  • How will the research affect the profession of librarianship and information science, or other academic disciplines?

  • Will the results interest a meaningful audience or serve a particular group of library users?

Part 3: Design and Methodology

  • Have project goals been well conceptualized and well presented?

  • Is the outcome of the study clear?

  • Are project objectives realistic and clearly defined?

  • Will the methodology achieve the desired outcomes?

  • Does the design permit the evaluation of achievement of project goals?

  • Is the methodology practical and logical? Have the correct questions been asked?

  • Has the applicant proved familiarity with the field; has the appropriate background research been done?

  • Have all the procedures been fully described?

  • Are the concepts original and innovative?

  • How will the results be disseminated to reach appropriate audiences?

Part 4: Budget

  • Is the budget sufficiently detailed to justify funding requests?

  • Is the budget realistic and appropriate to fund the tasks described?

  • Have all anticipated expenses been included?

  • Have possible alternatives to purchase of needed equipment been explored?

  • If additional funding from other sources has been obtained, is this indicated?

  • Have appropriate University rate schedules been used?

  • If the proposal spans fiscal years, have salary range adjustments and material cost increases been included?

  • Does the Cover Sheet Budget Summary give a complete overview of proposed expenditures of funds? Does it match the information covered in this section of the Proposal and in the Supplemental Budget Information form?

Part 5: Supplemental Budget Information Form

  • Does the budget information included on this form match the information provided in part 4 of the Proposal and the Cover Sheet Budget Summary?

Part 6: Personnel

  • Are the skills and training of personnel appropriate for the projects?

Part 7: Timetable for Completion

  • Is the timetable realistic?

  • Is the sequence for completion logical?

  • Is there adequate time for completion of each stage of the project?