Sophia Prisco

Research Librarian
When did you start in your current position?:
Jun 01, 2017
Years in LAUC: 

How did you become interested in librarianship?

I always loved academic libraries, but it wasn’t until I discovered a library in a Veterans Administration hospital that I knew I wanted to be a medical librarian. I was inspired by the medical librarians at the VA because I didn’t know specialized libraries existed! At the time, the VA was investing millions into health IT (electronic health records, telemedicine, etc.) and it was interesting to see how information management played a large role. I knew specializing in the health sciences would be the most exciting because so much of it is based on innovation and technology.


Describe the first time you worked in a library.

As a student I worked in UCLA Library’s Conservation Lab. I got to see all of the injured materials come through while the conservationists diagnosed them. Mostly I repaired page tears in sheet music, or made pambinds and clamshell boxes. I learned a lot about the library system. I was always in awe of the conservationists’ skills, attention to detail, and even their artistry as they tackled conservation challenges big and small.


What is your current or recent role in LAUC, either locally or systemwide?: 
Currently I am the LAUC-SF secretary and webmaster.


What do you like best about being a UC librarian?

The more I learn about the University of California over the years, the more I realize how unprecedented UC is in carrying out its mission of teaching and research, while also ensuring access, generating jobs, and advancing all aspects of higher ed. I think UC is intellectually unique and has achieved successes unlike many other public institutions in higher ed.


Describe a recent or current project on which you are working.

As the tech evangelist on our team, I am doing a lot of tech projects: redesigning a faculty resources webpage, revamping our libguides, creating videos, and searching for new ed tech to implement.


Describe your recent professional work outside of work, such as association work, writing, research, or anything else.

As a new LAUC member I am excited to start contributing to the profession through association work and research projects. Outside of work I joined Junior League, which is a 117 year-old women's organization dedicated to volunteering. I hope to volunteer in education projects in my local San Francisco community, which may influence my professional work too.


What would you like the next big thing in libraries to be?

I love the trend of libraries bringing artists in for unique projects. I would love to find new ways to bring in people from all types of disciplines or campus departments for collaborations. Our popular Makers Lab is already doing just that. I want our library to be seen as a collaborator and a solution to challenges.


Complete this statement: "One surprising fact about me is...”

I eat my all time favorite snack, a couple of raw bell peppers, pretty much every day. People will come into my office and comment on the citrus smell. Luckily I can get them at our campus farmer's market every Wednesday!


Can you recommend a book or movie or tell us your favorite book or movie and why?

My favorite book of all time is James Joyce’s Dubliners. It’s subtle enough insofar that every time I read it I discover something new in between the lines. As for movies, I have worshipped John Waters since I was a teen.


Please note your website or social media site, if you would like to share

I just created a twitter @scholarlysoph where I am trying very hard to not tweet about college football.