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LAUC blog, used for liveblogging the LAUC assemblies (Fall 2007-present) and discussing systemwide issues. Contact the web manager for posting access.

Past Opinions


Four Questions for 2010 (T. Huwe - UCB) (August 2005)

The Future of Government Information (J. R. Jacobs - UCSD) (May 2005)

"The Case for Scholars’ Management of Author Rights"
(C. A. Hughes - UCI) (March 2005)

“Information Literacy: Wilder Makes (Some Right, But) Many Wrong Assumptions”
(E. Grassian - UCLA) (February 2005)

UC Librarians: Able to evolve or stuck in a rut?
(K. Lucas - UCSD) (January 2005)


Keeping an Outward Focus: Notes from the Fall Assembly
(T. Huwe - UCB) (November 2004)

Professional Life In An Era of “Continuous Planning”
(T. Huwe - UCB) (September 2004)

Professional Issues

The following reports and documents are of special interest for members of LAUC, and may also be of interest to those who follow trends in academic libraries.

New Models of Library Service: Deep Resource Sharing and Collaboration [April 2003]

Information Literacy: What UC Libraries are Doing
Page hosted by UC libraries

The opinions expressed in the documents linked on this page are the responsibility of the author(s) and do not reflect the opinion of the Librarians Association of the University of California, the Institute of Industrial Relations, The University of California, or the Regents of the University of California.