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LAUC Assembly Calendar

Note: in 2009, LAUC switched to a single assembly per year rather than a Spring & Fall assembly.

Year Assembly Location
2019/20 Berkeley
2018/19 Riverside
2017/18 San Francisco
2016/17 Irvine
2015/16 Merced
2014/15 San Diego
2013/14 Davis
2012/13 Los Angeles
2011/12 Santa Cruz
2010/11 Santa Barbara
2009/10 Berkeley
2008/09 Riverside
Year Spring Fall
2008 Irvine San Francisco
2007 San Diego Merced
2006 Los Angeles Davis
2005 Santa Barbara Santa Cruz
2004 Riverside Berkeley
2003 San Diego Berkeley
2002 Los Angeles San Francisco
2001 Irvine Davis
2000 Santa Barbara Berkeley
2000 Santa Barbara Berkeley
1999 Riverside Santa Cruz
1998 San Diego San Francisco

last updated May 2010